Android SDK Bindings


(Alsey Coleman Miller) #1

Android SDK Bindings for the Swift programming language.

(Piotr Gorzelany) #2

Nice! How does it work and what can we use it for? The readme is not very detailed :)

(Alsey Coleman Miller) #3

@pgorzelany This project allows you to call Android's Java SDK from Swift natively. So you can develop full native Android apps with the platform-specific UI and API (Bluetooth, Camera, NFC, etc) with Swift. We are also working on a UIKit layer that allows for UIKit apps to work with Android's Activity, RecyclerView, etc. This allows you to share code between iOS and Android, but still build UI using the platform's SDK, for a better UX.

(Piotr Gorzelany) #4

Do you have any examples of such applications created using those libraries? Maybe you could point us to some blog posts or articles describing the process?

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(Alsey Coleman Miller) #6

Check out this example of usage: