Android Cross‐Compilation Integration Test for SwiftPM?

As a first step toward fixing regressions and simplifying cross‐compilation for Android, I rigged my development fork up with this GitHub workflow modified from the one in my other thread. The workflow results can be seen here. It takes about 7 minutes total the way it is now.

The question I have is if the main repository would like to have it too, or some variation thereof in order to help prevent regressions.

I know testing of Swift’s components is usually centralized in some other system, but I don’t know if this is even possible to do that way, due to the emulator, the many separate components fetched from different places and the handoff between platforms (right now only Ubuntu can build, but only macOS can run the emulator). This would at least give us something until more centralized CI can be implemented for Android. (You can read about the sorry state of affairs in this thread.)

I think this is important because a long‐term history of regressions has already caused some major Android proponents to completely give up on SwiftPM. I think this would be a value tool to help reverse that trend.

CC: @Aciid, @hartbit, @compnerd, @drodriguez, @Buttaface

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Sounds good, my focus is using SPM to natively compile on Android, so I just run all the tests natively there, but a CI that uses the android emulator to flag issues early would definitely help.

Note: This conversation continued on GitHub here.

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