An Onscreen Keyboard App for Learning Arabic

I am a complete beginner in iOS app development and would like to learn how to use Swift to design an app. (Not sure if this is the correct thread to post in)

any advice on how to achieve the following?

  1. Users would select and alphabet by pressing on one part of the image
  2. The Arabic character will be shown in the text area above (as normal arabic font, not illustration)
  3. Users can input more characters, and it will be inputted in the same text field
  4. Then, users can practice their handwriting of the inputted word in the whiteboard area below (with their fingers or Apple Pencil)

Ideally, there would be a backspace/ clear button available.

Any ideas?

The best way to learn iOS development using Swift is by taking a course. You can google and find many options. I'll recommend as a place to start.

Good luck.