An iOS app for the Swift forum?

I would love to have an nice iOS app for the forum. Surely, given our skill sets, between us we can make something happen! Any thoughts?

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There's the Discourse Hub app, though it's not much different than just using a browser.

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FWIW browser version works reasonably well for me. I created a shortcut icon a while ago and by now even forgot it is not a real app, although I am using it infrequently / lightly on the phone.


I've been using Fig for a while now and it's been great.


Aargh, swift forums stopped working on mobile Safari with "your browser not supported".
Downloaded Discourse Hub now, but when it tries to Connect / sign in - the same error is displayed. Even downloaded Chrome browser and made it the default - same result, no go. In both browsers content is rendered quite poorly now, compared to what it was a few days ago – no way to view updated topics, or quickly scroll to the end of the topic messages.

But... I am on iOS 14.5 (and can't upgrade yet) - is that because of that?

Will give Fig a try, thanks for the hint.

Unfortunately, Fig hasn't been updated for about 2 years now, and it's quite hard to use due to layout bugs that make content unreadable, or broken features that prevent any DMs from showing up.


The layout bugs can be worked around by navigating back to the topic list and then forward again. But yeah, some of the features aren't complete. That's what happens when Apple hires one of the devs.

For everyone interested in this topic, you can give Forumate a look.

Github repo: GitHub - Kyle-Ye/Forumate: A native client to access Discourse server for Apple Platforms

Just have time to build a discourse client myself recently. And it is incomplete and in an early stage. But if you are interested on it, you can join the TestFlight link to have a peek.