Alamofire 5: Advanced Usage Topics?

I'm in the process of rewriting Alamofire's AdvancedUsage documentation and thought I'd reach out to see if there were any topics the community would like to see covered, aside from updating the current topics for Alamofire 5. I plan to cover all of the APIs not covered by the Usage documentation, but I'm also going to include some guidance on integrating Alamofire in general.

So, is there anything anyone would like to see?

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I would like to see "request retrying" covered in depth.
As I understand it, it has now been moved to "RequestInterceptor".

I have managed to get something basic working (by pusseling togheter some posts from github Issues and Stack Overflow), but my main problem is a more advanced usage scenario, I need the Alamofire 5 equivalent to the old:

private var requestsToRetry: [RequestRetryCompletion] =

The problem I have is that when my app starts, it fires off ~10 request to a api which requires auth.
This in turn fires of 10 failures with 10 calls to my RequestInterceptors "retry" function which makes my app do the auth 10 times.

I need a good example of a <rock solid production ready "RequestInterceptor"> that can queue requests if an auth is already in progress..


It might be helpful to include a discussion of background transfers. I understand that AF 5 won't have explicit support for this but some direction might be helpful for those using that feature.

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