Alamofire 5.6.0 Released

Biggest change in this version is that Swift 5.6.0 is now required to build Alamofire's Swift Concurrency support in order to avoid bugs with Xcode 13.2.0 and 13.2.1. Xcode 13.3.1 is the first bug free release, at least so far.

Release Notes


  • Support for HTTPMethod.query to support the upcoming standard.
  • Compile-time Swift version check to enforce minimum supported Swift version.
  • GitHub Sponsors support. You can now sponsor Alamofire directly through GitHub.


  • Swift version required to build [:fire: Experimental :fire:] Swift Concurrency support to 5.6.0 to avoid various Apple bugs with Xcode 13.2.0 and 13.2.1. Support now requires Xcode 13.3.1.
  • DownloadRequest to avoid producing resume data when not explicitly requested on cancellation.
  • Testing infrastructure to use XCTestPlans on Apple platforms.
  • GitHub Actions support for greater OS coverage, more SPM platforms, and Swift 5.6.