Alamofire 5.4.1 - Bypass Proxy Settings


I developed iOS application and I am using Alamofire for api calling and its working fine. Now to test security of application I have used one tool to scan project and it gives me one concern regarding to proxy setting.

I have added recommendation provided by them below here

To override the system proxy settings, the CFHTTPStreamAPIs (or a networking library built on these) can be used on the iOS platform. For critically sensitive communications such as transmitting passwords to a remote host, it is recommended to use this approach.

Bypass Proxy Settings on iOS:

This above link is related to core networking api of iOS. My question is does Alamofire uses this CFNetwork and CFHttpStreamAPI and if yes than how I can override proxy setting.Fast response is highly appreciated as I am trying to find this issue from few days but not found any relevant information.


Alamofire is built on top of URLSession, which likely does use those types under the hood. If you want more info on how to configure proxies, please see Apple's documentation.

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