Alamofire 5.1.0 Released!

We've just released Alamofire 5.1.0 with some great new features!

  • DataStreamRequest: instead of accumulating Data in memory or downloading it to disk, DataStreamRequest offers a closure-based API for streaming Data as it arrives from the network. It's perfect for any HTTP service which returns an unending stream of data blobs, or for downloads which need to be parsed progressively. It integrates with the rest of Alamofire's features and also offers built in serialization for response streams. You can read more in our documentation.
  • RequestModifers are a simple closure API for modifying the URLRequests Alamofire creates under the hood. Use it to set all of those request properties that Alamofire doesn't offer as parameters to the top level API. You can read more in our documentation.
  • Alamofire 5.1 now requires Swift 5.1, which let us do some nice internal cleanup around our thread safe wrapper.
  • 5.1 also brings some initial internal cleanup that will make porting to Linux easier. Linux support is still too complicated due to the lack of URLSessionTaskMetrics but is being tracked in a PR.

Next up for 5.2: Combine!

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