Advice needed on Columns in Table

I've reached a bit of a sticky point in my app. I'm having difficulty in making the columns in a table in my ContentView behave themselves.

UPDATE: Turns out that SwiftUI has a Grid component! Who knew? Not me... duh!

I am afraid this is not about the swift programming language itself, so I have to use the standard copy paste disclaimer below. "lineLimit" could be helpful in this case.

Hi. This forum is for discussions about the Open Source Swift language itself (ongoing development and use of). Your post appears to be more about usage of a framework (probably one usable by Swift). The forum owners think that these kinds of questions are better suited to be asked in other places. Probably the Apple Developer Forums or Stack Overflow. You are more likely to get answers there.

Good luck!

Yet the guide for this particular channel says...
"This area is intended for users to get help with or ask questions about Swift or its related tools. Beginner questions welcome!
This category is not for discussion about work being done to the language itself."


This last part of the guide appears to directly contradict your comment about "This forum is for discussions about the Open Source Swift language itself (ongoing development and use of)".

Interested to hear your thoughts about this...

Moreover, scrolling through this channel reveals lots of questions about programming in Swift. My posts were in the "Using Swift" channel. Are you sure that we are talking about the same channel?

And, you answered a programming oriented question in this very channel C FFI: How to pass const char* argument - #7 by rishflab
I say again, are you sure that we are talking about the same channel?

SwiftUI is a proprietary Apple-only framework and the precedent established so far is that it doesn’t qualify as related tooling on these forums. it’s perfectly reasonable to disagree with the precedent - i personally am not bothered by SwiftUI questions. but that is the general interpretation of the precedent.

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Personally I'd say it would be an overall win if we had "Using swift/SwiftUI" category here. Just note, that any previous discussion about this ended up very quickly with "Apple asked those topics being discussed on their forums, so be it" raised by forum's moderators.

The questions about swift / C (C++) interop are very appropriate here.


Fair enough! I know that Apple don't necessarily appeal to open-source aficionados, but on this channel there are veritable shed-loads of Swift UI questions! I'd previously received useful help with my first Swift project (I think you were among the people who helped!) so to be recommended to try Stack Overflow instead was a bit of a jolt to the system.

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it’s not that linux users don’t want to see SwiftUI questions, it’s because Apple prefers all discussion about their proprietary frameworks to take place on the Apple developer forums, and Apple has enough influence over the forums to make that the official policy.

Thanks for the clarification! The reason for my initial upset was that it seemed that I was being asked to conform to restrictions that everyone else was ignoring. I now realise that wasn't the case. I'll use the Apple forum for SwiftUI questions in the future, but I'll hang around here and take a more detailed look at the nature of the questions and see if I can contribute in some way in the future :smiley:

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