Adding .xcprivacy to a xcframework with .a libraries

I distribute an xcframework that contains only static libraries (.a) for different platforms.
I'd like to follow future privacy updates and add a Privacy Manifest into my xcframework, but don't see a way to do that (since .a libraries don't include resource bundles).
I've already tried putting manually .xcprivacy inside a platform folder (like ios-arm64) - it didn't work.
I'm also not able to transform static libraries into frameworks.

Will appreciate any advices or help!


meet the same issue, is it done?

Our team also uses a lot of static libraries.

But isn't static library included in the app? So our team is going to fill in the 'PrivacyInfo' of the app.

i recently got some help from DTS for my use case (a core library written in Rust and exposed to Swift as a binaryTarget within an XCFramework) - which also still needs that privacy framework included. This isn't anything like official docs, but it might help: