Adding support for Windows as a Platform

Hi all,

I've been making progress on Windows support for SPM, and one of the things I'd like to add now is adding Windows as a supported platform in the Package Description. Since would change the public API, I wanted to check in if anyone thought this would need a proposal or had any opinions, or if it was small enough to do without.




Does that mean package manager is usable today on windows?

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Unfortunately, it'll be a while yet still, this is just one step towards that. Current status is that it runs locally for me on Windows and I can build projects (llbuild and indexstoredb, and SwiftPM itself for example) on Windows, but I have a lot of patches that still need to be merged, and some additional work on SwiftPM itself to handle dynamic linking on Windows, since Swift doesn't fully support static linking on Windows yet.


I asked some SwiftPM contributors. This is good to land without a proposal.

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