Adding support for static functions on C++ templates

I'm trying to see if I can add support for static functions on C++ templates to Swift.

I added a very simple test here: Comparing apple:main...GeorgeLyon:dev/george/static-cxx-interop · apple/swift · GitHub

Which expectedly failed (because it seems like static functions on C++ templates are not supported) with:

/Volumes/Shared/Developer/Projects/Swift/swift/test/Interop/Cxx/templates/class-template-instantiation.swift:22:40: error: type 'MagicWrapper<IntWrapper>' has no member 'getStaticValuePlusArg'
  expectEqual(MagicWrapper<IntWrapper>.getStaticValuePlusArg(8), 50)
              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The curious thing is that -print-module does emit a static function:

@available(*, unavailable, message: "Un-specialized class templates are not currently supported. Please use a specialization of this type.")
struct MagicWrapper<T> {
struct MagicWrapper<IntWrapper> {
  init(t: IntWrapper)
  var t: IntWrapper
  func getValuePlusArg(_ arg: Int32) -> Int32
  static func getStaticValuePlusArg(_ arg: Int32) -> Int32
struct IntWrapper {
  init(value: Int32)
  func getValue() -> Int32
  var value: Int32
typealias WrappedMagicNumberA = MagicWrapper<IntWrapper>
typealias WrappedMagicNumberB = MagicWrapper<IntWrapper>

Could someone point me in the right direction to try and fix this issue?