Add new category: Using SwiftUI

@Administrators: Please add a new category Using SwiftUI directly below Using Swift to signal that Using Swift category is purely for the language related questions.

Thank you

PS: @MarcS, I have preempted you. :slight_smile:

You can ask, but I don't think that will happen. Apple wants us to use their developer forums over at for questions regarding Apple-platform APIs and SDKs.

This forum is solely for questions about Swift, its development, evolution and general usage, outside the context of third party frameworks. In this regard Apple is considered third party. There are a few "related projects" here, but those are community driven projects that have explicitly asked to use this webpage as their forum.


A bit hacky, but it might be useful to have that category, but somehow automate that posts there are hidden and the poster gets a message asking them to post to the Apple Forums instead.

I think a better solution would be a sticky or a popup when the word "SwiftUI" is mentioned that SwiftUI questions (that pertain more to SwiftUI than Swift itself, so questions regarding result builders and so forth are still OK) are considered off-topic.


This would make more sense if SwiftUI was an open source swift package (I still hold out hope that this is the case one day).

But since it’s an apple framework, discussion belongs on the apple developer forums.