Activity Summary digest email is often full of [CI Notifications] posts

Discourse has a way to send summaries of what happened since one last visited, on certain schedules. I've got it set to send me one daily and they come through with title "[Swift Forums] Summary". Unfortunately the robotic CI failure posts end up filling it up, e.g. the most recent one I has 5 "Popular Topics", and all five are Swift CI build failures:

Is it possible to exclude a category as uninteresting for these activity summaries? I can't imagine that most people are interested in them, and, for those who are interested in them (such as me), getting them in this summary doesn't seem like the most useful way to follow it.

Does muting the category work? (Button at the top right of CI Notifications - Swift Forums)

Ah, that's a good point. Hopefully it works (although it seems it may also stop @-notifications from working, which is suboptimal), but I still think it would be good for this particular category to be ignored by default, rather than asking everyone to mute it.