Accessibility and Inclusion in the Swift Community

The first community-focused blog post is live on! This post showcases a few resources about accessibility and inclusion created by developers across our community.

Please use this thread to share your favorite resources or examples of accessibility and inclusion in our Swift community!


What does "truly inclusive software" mean? and how is diversity and inclusion "critical to build software"?


Diversity and Inclusion is important for building software in lots of areas. For example, Apple's Human Interface Guidelines ( say:

Inclusive design gives more people the opportunity to enjoy your app by ensuring that everyone can use and understand it. These three best practices can help you create an inclusive app

Design with Accessibility in Mind

Support Personalization

Audit and Test Your App for Accessibility

Designing software to be deliberately inclusive is also particularly important in the area of machine learning, to make sure that software does not amplify existing biases and lead to software that only works for certain privileged groups.

Another area in which inclusive design is important is platforms and generally software which involve sharing and permissions: certain groups (such as women) face a disproportionate amount of harassment, and are at risk of having the software used against them.,


This thread got me thinking over the past couple of weeks, and reminded me of one of my favorite moments on this forum from a couple years back, which I've regularly referred back to in the years since. The whole thread is quite long, so I wrote a bit about why I enjoy this moment so much here. IMO, that thread and post demonstrate why it's valuable to have as many perspectives as possible, and emphasize that there's room in these forums (and beyond!) for anyone, at any skill level, to provide extremely impactful contributions.

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