[Accepted with Modifications] SE-0377: borrowing and consuming parameter ownership modifiers

The review of SE-0377: borrow and consume parameter ownership modifiers ended on November 8th, which was followed by a joint naming revision of SE-0366/SE-0377 that ran from December 7th through December 14th. The language workgroup has decided to accept the proposal with revisions .

The review of SE-0366 was light but positive. Some concern was expressed about proliferation of keywords on function declarations, but this was felt to be mitigated by only requiring keywords when deviating from the default, which should be infrequent.

The majority of feedback between pitch and review focusing on the naming of the take and borrow keywords, the discussion of which continued in the joint review. After reviewing the feedback, the language workgroup has decided that borrowing and consuming are the best names for these modifiers in function declarations, with consume as an operator at the call-site. The authors have updated the proposal accordingly.

The workgroup notes that further proposals using these names will be forthcoming. As with similar interlinked proposals in the past (such as with regular expressions or concurrency), reviewers should feel free to revisit prior accepted proposals in light of new information from follow-on proposals.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first pitch and proposal review! Your contributions help make Swift a better language.

Ben Cohen