[Accepted] SE-0416: Subtyping for keypath literals as functions

Hello, Swift community.

The review of SE-0416: Subtyping for keypath literals as functions ran from December 14th through today. Feedback from the community was positive, and the proposal author stayed closely engaged with the review to answer questions. The Language Steering Group discussed this today, and we see no reason not to proceed with this proposal; this is essentially just a bug fix that we need to run a proposal for because it's already been released. Accordingly, SE-0416 has been accepted.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this review. Even for straightforward proposals like this one, it's very helpful to have the community engaged with the process and thinking the proposal through; after all, sometimes proposals really aren't as straightforward as they seem at first, and it's easy to overlook details that can have significant importance. (Ideally, the problem identified in this proposal would've been caught during the SE-0249 review!)

John McCall
Review Manager