[Accepted] SE-0311: Task-local values

The third review of SE-0311: Task-local values concluded a few weeks ago. The review was focused on a narrow question: whether to extend the proposal to allow task-local values to be established from synchronous functions. Feedback on this point was quite positive. SE-0311 is therefore accepted without further amendment.

Thank you for your patience with a somewhat drawn-out and procedurally complicated review. There are several lessons that the Core Team will be taking away here to try to improve how we review this sort of in-flux proposal. That said, I think this has been a notable success for the evolution process overall; the feature has been substantially improved over the course of the review because of the community's feedback. I say this every time, but I truly mean it: thank you for helping to make Swift a better language.

John McCall
Review Manager


I want to second this, thank you everyone for the involvement and ideas. We indeed arrived at a much more polished design and feature set in the end! Thank you, all :blush:


Congrats to the team, and to @ktoso on his first big independent proposal – the first of what I hope will be many!

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