[Accepted] SE-0308: postfix `#if` config expressions

The review for SE-0308 has concluded. The response was unanimously positive. The proposal has been accepted.

Beyond the enthusiastic positive response, there was additional interest in further enhancements in the same direction. The core team believes that additional refinement of conditional compilation is something that the language would benefit from. As such, proposals extending support towards conditional compilation of repeated lexical constructs, e.g. elements within an array literal, would be welcome. For non-repeated constructs, there are potential issues with the parsing, for example in the removal of a binary operator may change the operator precedence of subsequent expressions, and this would require careful, deliberate handling. Such a change is not unreasonable, but would demand an appropriate level of design and care towards an implementation.

Thank you to the proposal author and to everyone who participated in the review cycle in helping improve the Swift language.

Saleem Abdulrasool
Review Manager

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