[Accepted] SE-0289: Result Builders

Hello Swift Community,

The second round of review for SE-0289 "Result Builders" ran from September 24 through October 1, 2020. You can find the review thread here. The first round of review for SE-0289 "Function Builders" ran from August 31 through September 14, 2020 and you can find that review thread here.

The overall feedback from both rounds of reviews seemed positive on the functionality, but raised concerns over the attribute naming. The renamed attribute was better received, and the Core Team has decided to move forward with the new name.

SE-0289 is accepted.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the reviews!

Saleem Abdulrasool,
Review Manager


Thanks for everyone who worked on this! I'm really excited that result builders became stabilized, and look forward to relying on it even more now.

I have a quick question here. This was marked as implemented in Swift 5.4 on the proposals page. Does this imply that the next version of Swift is going to be 5.4, or is that undecided yet and it could become 6.0 after all?

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What is in GitHub main today will become part of the Spring release, which is expected to be Swift 5.4. Swift 6 is some time in the future.



It's also possible to use:

* Status: **Implemented (Swift Next)**


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That's much better, thank you!

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