[Accepted] SE-0263 'Add a String Initializer with Access to Uninitialized Storage'

The proposal SE-0263 has been accepted.


I know I’ve mentioned this a couple of times now, so apologies for being repetitive, but are there any plans for Apple to back-deploy this API? Perhaps with a documentation note that it may require an extra allocation on older runtimes? I mentioned some of the clever things we could do in the review thread, using ABI details like the size of a small-string, which means we could still deliver a better implementation than an external developer is likely to write by themselves.

Thanks, and thanks for your patience :sweat_smile:

In general, Apple is not going to comment about plans about future release of its products, which includes Apple's OS releases and the tools. Obviously there is a close relationship between Apple and Swift, but as I already stated that backward deployment ultimately is up to what the vendor can support. That's a general statement, not just specific to Apple.