[Accepted] SE-0138: UnsafeRawBufferpointer

Proposal Link: swift-evolution/0138-unsaferawbufferpointer.md at master · apple/swift-evolution · GitHub

The review of "SE-0138: UnsafeRawBufferpointer" ran from August
31...September 14. The proposal has been *accepted* with a revision
detailed below.

Community feedback to this proposal was nearly all positive. It was
pointed out that Foundation’s Data API should make use of this new type,
and there is a clear intention to do that. The core team agrees that the
proposal is a reasonable addition to make in Swift 3 because it fills in
missing functionality from SE-0107: UnsafeRawPointer and will help with
code migration. As a result of the discussion, the proposed component's
name was changed from `UnsafeBytes` to `UnsafeRawBufferPointer`; that
change is already reflected in the proposal.