[Accepted] SE-0065: A New Model for Collections

Proposal Link: swift-evolution/0065-collections-move-indices.md at master · apple/swift-evolution · GitHub

The review of SE-0065 "A New Model for Collections" ran from April 10...18, 2016. The proposal has been *accepted*:

This proposal received a significant amount of positive feedback - many people appreciated the clarification to the model, and the fact that it allows for significantly better performance in some cases as well as much simpler model in many ways. The majority of the feedback and discussion was around the specific names used in various methods. The authors of the proposal incorporated that into the latest version of the proposal (v5) which is available at the URL above.

Thank you to Dmitri Gribenko, Dave Abrahams, Maxim Moiseev and many others for contributing to the proposal, discussing the ideas, as well as to everyone else involved in the massive (ongoing) implementation effort to land this change.

-Chris Lattner
Review Manager