Accepted projects for GSoC 2023!

Hello everyone,
we're happy to announce the list of accepted Google Summer of Code projects this year!

The accepted projects are:

  • Key Path inference and diagnostic improvements, by Amritpan Kaur and mentored by @xedin
  • Swift native implementation of a Memcached Client using SwiftNIO for the networking stack., by Delkhaz Ibrahimi and mentored by @FranzBusch
  • Implement Incremental Re-Parsing in SwiftParser, by Ziyang Huang and mentored by @ahoppen

Congratulations and godspeed on your Swift contributor journey! :tada: The applicants and mentors have already gotten in touch and kicked off the planning and realizing those projects. We can't wait to see them finished!

To all other applicants that didn't get selected this year: we would like to thank you for your time and effort poured into preparing these proposals and hope we'll see you participate in the community in the future regardless :slight_smile: Don't be discouraged by not getting a slot this year -- the competition is intense, with many many great project proposals getting submitted each year, and only a few slots available. Maybe you'll try next year again? We're looking forward to it!

We'll report back with status reports as well as a nice summary once the projects have completed.

-- Konrad