[Accepted in principle] SE-0390: @noncopyable structs and enums

Hello Swift community,

The review of SE-0390: @noncopyable structs and enums ran from February 21 until March 7, 2023.

Overall feedback was positive. Early on there was considerable discussion of the term "copy" and its relatives. The feeling of the LWG is that, while "copy" isn't quite perfect, it is better than any other name that we have come up with or seen put forward, and so we will use it. In particular, all the other options either have more baggage, or simply obfuscate use sites without any real benefit.

There was good discussion on the precise semantics of forget and deinit, as well as how we should handle marking types with a possibly-noncopyable constraint, and the semantic details of stripping the constraint. The authors have updated the proposal to expand on these subjects.

We have decided to accept the proposal in principle, but return it for re-review focused on these changes. There is a new review thread for that discussion.

Thank you for participating in Swift Evolution.