Accelerate Framework issue - roiLargerThanInputBuffer

I am using the Accelerate Framework to convert YUV Data to ARGB Data for a Video Call App. The framework works great, However when I hold calls I use a place holder image sent from the server. That image causes issues sometimes because of its size. Accelerate is telling me that it's range of interest is larger than the input buffer(roiLargerThanInputBuffer). I am not sure exactly how to address this issue. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I donโ€™t know which API you're using, but reading the documentation for that error I understand that your input image, taking into account the ROI, is too small in one of the directions to fill the destination buffer, aka it doesnโ€™t know what to fill the missing parts of the destination buffer with. Maybe you could always use a destination buffer that is exactly the expected size and then use another operation to scale it to another size.

Hey Thanks for the reply. That helped me to remember to post the solution. The problem was that my video buffer stream's pixel buffer width and height changed from the server side. That being said all that needed to be done is to check for when it changes and then remove the current vImage_buffer from memory and reinitialize a new one with the correct size. Works great and runs smooth. Hopefully this is helpful for someone else out there.

This forum is only about the Swift language. Apple has requested that questions/comments about their proprietary frameworks should be asked on the Apple developer forums.

Thank you.

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Does anyone use that? Isn't SwiftUI a proprietary framework? People seem to post frequently on that one. But your comment has has been noted and I will give Apple developer forms another chance, thank you.

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Yes, SwiftUI is also a proprietary framework, and any questions about it should likewise be asked on the Apple developer forums. Thanks.

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Dually noted :ok_hand:

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