About "Unowned Optional References"


let department = Department(name: "Horticulture")
let intro = Course(name: "Survey of Plants", in: department)
let intermediate = Course(name: "Growing Common Herbs", in: department)
let advanced = Course(name: "Caring for Tropical Plants", in: department)
intro.nextCourse = intermediate
intermediate.nextCourse = advanced
department.courses = [intro, intermediate, advanced]

I think nil should be on the "Caring for Tropical Plants"'s nextCourse.

I can only attach one image because I am a new user, but if you go to the weak reference description above, you can see that the image contains nil well.

I wonder why nextCourse is not marked as nil.

FWIW, it is (and should be) `nil.

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Yes, that's an error in the diagram — thanks for calling it out. I filed a bug (74529003) to track correcting it.

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@Alex_Martini It hasn't been fixed yet. Did you get a reply from Apple?

I worked with one of our designers to fix that figure. The next version of TSPL will include this correction.

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