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I´m new here. I readed about the Swift development in Windows plataform. I want to learn how to code, and i want to know if it is already possible to learn Swift in Windows. Were do i download it? any suggestion?

If you want to learn how to code I would suggest you do that on a platform where Swift support is tried and tested already. Preferably you would do it on a Mac because there you can do app development and get some visual results from your code to keep you motivated. You could also do it on Linux, preferably Ubuntu but you would probably be limited to console applications for quite some time. There are a lot more tutorials about Swift for App development on MacOS than there are tutorials for Linux or Windows. But if you have a really high frustration tolerance or never get frustrated anyways you could also start on Windows.

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Thank you. I can’t afford a Mac. I live in Brazil and the most simple MacBook cost R$ 10.000,00 = US$ 1.850,00. Most people in Brazil receive a minimum wager of US$ = 185 for month. That’s why i want try in Windows.

I don't have a Windows machine, but I see the Windows toolchain listed on the main Downloads page. Have you already tried installing that?

The documentation about the Swift language should apply the same to Windows as other operating systems. (If not, that's a bug and I'd like to hear about it, because I maintain that book.)

You mentioned you're in Brazil, so I'm guessing you might be a Portuguese speaker. "The Swift Programming Language" is published in English, and there are some translations maintained by members of the community. A quick search found one or two Brazilian Portuguese versions. However, some translations haven't been updated for the latest language changes.

Hi all,

I am not sure if this is the proper place where to report it, anyway there is a mistake in the instructions for Windows in "Getting Started" guide, "Using the REPL" https://swift.org/getting-started/#using-the-repl
It is missing a "%" in last argument of the command:

set SWIFTFLAGS=-sdk %SDKROOT% -I %SDKROOT%/usr/lib/swift -L SDKROOT%/usr/lib/swift/windows

Actually I wasn't able to launch the REPL even when I fixed it: it would be useful to have some troubleshooting instructions.


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Well, it's certainly possible to learn Swift on Windows. If you get the setup done you can create some console applications and learn the basics of programming which will be the same on every system Swift runs on. And by the time you have made significant progress there will probably be some more libraries and tutorials available for Swift on Windows to help you create other types of programs.

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