A versatile authorisation middleware with a complete OAuth2 SSO solution without an own user-database

Hi Swift Community!

I am happy to announce the first official beta of the product my team and I coded for a while. It's a ServerSideSwift SSO-Server.

Here is my pitch:
Own your user data and say goodbye to vendor lock-in with Uitsmijter - a versatile collection of Kubernetes middlewares and custom resources designed to empower you in controlling access to your services.

:shield: Secure Your World with Uitsmijter: Acting as the Single Sign-On (SSO) orchestrator for all your resources, Uitsmijter enables you to protect static resources, websites and advanced services with just a single login. Whether it's interceptor mode for basic protection or OAuth interfaces for more complex setups, Uitsmijter has got you covered!

:globe_with_meridians: Control Your Data, Your Way: No need to migrate your user data to a specific cloud provider or database! Uitsmijter is the ideal companion for microservices and migration projects, ensuring you retain ownership of your precious user data. Perfect for companies evolving beyond monolithic applications, Uitsmijter simplifies the authentication and authorization process without the headaches of legal challenges or extensive application changes.

:rocket: Simple, Fast, and Secure: Uitsmijter is your go-to tool for implementing SSO seamlessly across your application landscape. Whether you're a growing company or just starting out, Uitsmijter provides a straightforward solution to keep authentication as a separate concern.

:rainbow: Tailored for Modern Teams and Enterprise Security: Crafted from the ground up to meet the needs of modern, self-organized teams while maintaining enterprise-grade security, Uitsmijter ensures the separation of tenants and clients at the namespace level. This fine-grained authorization empowers developer teams without compromising company-wide security policies.

:computer: Connect with Confidence: Uitsmijter implements the vision that teams should effortlessly connect new applications to an SSO in a self-managed way from the very first line of code.

Ready to take control of your authentication and authorization needs? Uitsmijter is here to make it simple, fast, and secure! :muscle::closed_lock_with_key:

I would love to hear your thoughts. If you like it, please spend some stars on Github. ;)

Website: https://uitsmijter.io/
Github: Uitsmijter ยท GitHub