A fork of swift-jupyter and PythonKit for data modeling and explorations


I've recently open-sourced my fork of swift-jupyter and PythonKit at: GitHub - liuliu/swift-jupyter: This is a fork of google/swift-jupyter. It is made possible to use Jupyterlab (as well as Jupyter Notebook) with most up-to-date Swift toolchain. and GitHub - liuliu/PythonKit: Swift framework to interact with Python.

Highlights for swift-jupyter fork:

  1. supports the latest Swift toolchain;
  2. removed IPython crutch but retained rich outputs with Pandas / matplotlib;
  3. Bazel to maintain a consistent environment;
  4. code completion with sourcekit-lsp;
  5. import libraries from Bazel;
  6. switch from Kitura/BlueCryptor to apple/swift-crypto for cryptography primitives.

Highlights for PythonKit fork:

  1. Support passing lambdas from Swift to Python (such as Python.map parameter or Pandas.map);
  2. Support unbounded range for Python objects (numpy_array[...]);
  3. Conversion from Date to datetime (this is not ideal, but easy to use with Pandas DataFrame);
  4. Expose GIL from Python side to Swift (i.e. can release GIL on Swift side now).