1st Sep 2021

Carry Over

Punt Github actions to someone else -> @0xTim will pick up
SoC SwiftPM person has such tool - Swiftbox. @adam-fowler has made contact with Kyle. Re-implementation may be required. SSWG to steer collaboration between these people.
Todd wrote up detailed guide for VSCode
Graduation post has been done
@0xTim forums post for maintainer requirements
Carry over survey proposal review
Multi-part kit is almost ready for proposal. Dd proposals should be posted within the next month

Action Items

@fabianfett Can the SSWG help with increasing the number of maintainers. Can try and post call for maintainers.
@fabianfett Special post. Swift.org blog. Reach out to maintainers who need maintainers for a small description of need.
@all read through concurrency adoption guide

What level of support can be expected. Sustainable. Could the document make this focus clearer.
Graduated. Is everything going to be graduated
Used same terminology as CNCF
Todd. +1 for
What is healthy number maintainers
@fabianfett Mentorship program. Position it as a way to get into the community.
@patrick SSWG could work with maintainers and projects/issues. Good first issue tag
@tomerd Review the wording of levelling guide [Simon to make any suggestion]

@0xTim - Swift for scripts is already installed in Guthub action

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