15th September 2021

Follow Up From Last Time:

  • GH actions @0xTim to carry over
  • Swift Async Guide - @ktoso
  • @Adam-fowler raises the issue about a current guide for Swift 5.5. Guide almost ready to go public, but top priority
  • ‘Swift-up’ - @Adam-fowler spoke to Kyle but no response. Question from @tomerd on what the role of the SSWG should be. @Adam-fowler raised the issue of what it should be written in? Question around file size if we use Swift, ICU is a sticker for that. General consensus is that it should be written in Swift to enable easy contributions and that we should start driving it to ensure it gets done. @patrick can spend time on this to drive it with @Adam-fowler to assist.
  • [AI] - @tomerd to create repo

Agenda Items :

  • @tomerd is currently working on getting RPM and debs hosted by Swift.org. These are now live at swift-installer-scripts/platforms/Linux at main · apple/swift-installer-scripts · GitHub
  • [AI] - Everyone to review maintainer post
  • [AI] -Everyone to review Survey proposal review. @kmahar to convert draft and request a review from everyone
  • [AI] - @0xTim to chase @siemensikkema up to get proposal finished
  • Swift Windows GH actions - can we get Max to champion GH actions/pitch it etc. @ktoso to speak to Max about expanding it for Linux and potentially pitching
  • @0xTim - posted about expanding the definition on maintainers
  • Need to add Adam/Patrick/Fabian to Forums
  • [AI] - @tomerd to ensure the SSWG are admins on the swift-server GitHub repo
  • We ran through the concurrency guide and raised some missing parts. @tachyonicsrecommended we expand or add a guide for application developers. @patrick added we should add a basic example of converting an API and discussed adding a more complex example about AsyncSequence
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