1.0.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the first stable release of Swift Numerics!

Not much has changed from 0.1.0, except that I'm declaring the API of RealModule and ComplexModule to be stable. There is some expanded documentation for the reciprocal property on AlgebraicField , including discussion of error bounds for Real and Complex types.

The only breaking change from 0.1.0 is that Augmented.fastTwoSum and Augmented.twoProdFMA have been deprecated and renamed Augmented.sum(large:small:) and Augmented.product . This change is not expected to effect many users, and the deprecation should make clear how to update your code if necessary. As always, raise a GitHub issue or post on the forums if you have questions.


One quick follow-up: 1.0.1!

I'm not going to write another set of release notes for this tag; it simply clarifies in the README that API defined in a conformance to Differentiable is not stable, because Differentiable itself is not stable.

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