1.0.0 release breaking our pipeline


We have been experiencing some difficulty with our pipeline since the release of 1.0.0 yesterday. We're getting a deprecation error for Effect and an incorrect arguments error for Reducer which is leading to build failures. I know changes to both of these have been on the horizon for a while now, but we aren't quite there yet with updating our codebase to conform with 1.0.0.

Our builds are running fine locally, but are failing in the pipeline, and it seems that the pipeline is building TCA 1.0.0, going off the errors. I've specified exact versions for swift-composable-architecture (0.57.0) and swiftui-navigation (0.8.0) in Package Dependencies, so we're definitely not using the 'Next Major' option. If anyone has any ideas on why this might be happening that would be amazing!


have you committed Package.resolved in your git? Check which version is resolved there.

The Reducer struct was deprecated a very long time ago, and then removed in 0.57.0. If you want to keep running your application on TCA without making any updates you need to target 0.56.0.

0.57.0 is the "soft-landing" release we made to help people figure out what all needs to be updated before making the jump to 1.0. It does require you to make some changes if you want to target it.

Thanks both for the responses, sorry about the confusion. I didn't realise the actual deprecations had happened before 1.0.0, we are all sorted now.