0.7.0 release?

This is a friendly reminder that it’s release time again and a 5.4‐compatible 0.7.0 tag would be appreciated for swift-package-manager.

@tomerd (release manager), @abertelrud (tagged the last one)

Updating swift-argument-parser to .upToNextMinor(from: "0.4.0") would also be appreciated so as to be compatible with swift-format (which declares it .upToNextMinor(from: "0.4.3") for 0.50400.0.)

In the meantime, I tagged 0.50400.0 in a fork, which anyone is free to use.

I tend to agree adopting the pattern 0.50400.0 (similar to swift-syntax) would would be better from a consistency pov than 0.7.0, although looks like we have an 0.6.0 already in place. @abertelrud ?

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