0.0.6 Release Notes

There are a bunch of small changes in this release:

  • Added Windows support via CMake build system, contributed by @compnerd (special thanks for your patience!)
  • I removed the Complex benchmarks from the test targets. Semantically, benchmarks are not the same as tests, and we don't need these to run in the same conditions. Further, the Xcode benchmark infrastructure isn't quite what we want for these, and they don't work on Windows anyway, because clang does not support C complex multiplication or division on Windows. These benchmarks will return in the next release in the form of an executable target.
  • Complex<T> now conforms to Differentiable if you are using a toolchain that supports differentiable programming and T is Differentiable. Thanks to @rxwei and @dan-zheng for their work on this.
  • Some documentation fixes for Complex fell out from work that @markuswntr has been doing on Quaternions (check out the Quaternions branch to play with it, and help review his PRs)
  • I fixed a bug in pow(Float/Double, Int) for exceptionally large exponents. It's unlikely that this ever caused any real problems, because it only occurs when the exponent is so large that the result should always be 0, 1, or infinity, but now we get the right answer for these cases.

A reminder that Float16 support is available on the swift-5.3 branch, which will be merged to master when swift-5.3 is released. When that happens, I will also create a LTS swift-5.2 branch to support older toolchains that do not have Float16 support.

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