Xcode "Jump to Definition" showing stripped files only?

I've never been entirely sure what's going on here, but:

  1. I have an Xcode Workspace that contains a Project with App Target "A", and a Package that has both Target "B" and Test Target "C".
  2. If I am within App Target A and I select a class from Target B and choose Jump to Definition, it brings me directly into the file, showing me all the text in the file. Great.
  3. If I am within Test Target C and I do the same thing, it hangs for a few seconds, then loads a stripped file that only shows the interface of the class (eg. the class members, the method signatures, the accessors, etc.).

I can't figure out what I'm doing that is causing this to occur? I don't want to jump to the header/interface file, I want to jump directly to the file that I have in this same codebase.

What's going on and how can I prevent it? Within SPM for the package, I have NO additional settings. No stripping of symbols or module optimization or anything like that modified from whatever the default would be.

As a note, this has happened in the past without SPM, but in this case the same thing is happening 100% within SPM and it's grinding my gears.

Thanks in advance!

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