XCFramework with Static Framework Dependencies

I have a XCFramework which depends upon several other Static Frameworks. All of those sub frameworks are built with BUILD_FOR_LIBRARIES_FOR_DISTRIBUTION enabled. The sub frameworks don't need to be accessible from outside the XCFramework. When I try to compile my XCFramework in the client app, I am getting errors on the import Core, which is the XCFramework's swiftinterface file, for one of the sub frameworks.

/Users/paulossenbruggen/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/DemoProject-dnxwshtlynfbgcdviialmdfrdwwa/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/Core.framework/Modules/RideCore.swiftmodule/x86_64-apple-ios-simulator.swiftinterface:4:8: No such module 'AwaitKit'
/Users/paulossenbruggen/Projects/DemoProject/DemoProject/GPSLocationComponent.swift:9:8: Failed to load module 'Core'
/Users/paulossenbruggen/Projects/DemoProject/Carthage/Build/iOS/Core.framework/Modules/Core.swiftmodule/x86_64-apple-ios-simulator.swiftinterface:4:8: No such module 'AwaitKit'

What seems to be missing is the swiftinterface files for the dependent modules. For example, I am using AwaitKit but the swiftinterface is not there within the XCFramework. With nm I can see that the objects for AwaitKit are there, but when processing the import in the Core swiftinterface file it produces an error.

So, what is unclear is can I just copy the AwaitKit swiftinterface somewhere in the xcframework? And if so where? Is there a way to tell xcbuild -xcframework tool to include the swiftinterface files for dependent libraries? Or perhaps there is something else I should be doing that I am not doing?

For reference this is how the XCFramework are being built. The BUILD_LIBRARIES_FOR_DISTRIBUTION flag is being set in the project setting and the dependent libraries are also defined in the project file:

rm -rd "RideCore.xcframework"
xcodebuild archive -scheme Core -destination "generic/platform=iOS" -archivePath "$TEMP_DIR/Core.iOS.xcarchive" SKIP_INSTALL=NO -sdk iphoneos
xcodebuild archive -scheme Core -destination "platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 11" -archivePath "$TEMP_DIR/Core.iOS-simulator.xcarchive" SKIP_INSTALL=NO -sdk iphonesimulator
xcodebuild -create-xcframework -framework "$TEMP_DIR/Core.iOS.xcarchive/Products/@executable_path/Frameworks/Core.framework" -framework "$TEMP_DIR/Core.iOS-simulator.xcarchive/Products/@executable_path//Frameworks/Core.framework" -output "Core.xcframework"
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Experiencing the same problem, did you manage to resolve it?

I filed a bug report when I posted this, and on the first day of WWDC received a response. I can verify it worked for me with Xcode 12 beta.

Can you please elaborate on the solution?

Just need to use Xcode 12 beta. I could not get it working with prior versions of Xcode.

Ok, Thanks

Might you be able to share the tree output of the working version of your framework? I'm having a similar issue but I'm on xcode 12.4...

I put the test project I submitted to Apple for the bug fix here. GitHub - possen/HostApp: Demonstrate issue with swiftinterface files not generated with Defines Module on. I hope that helps. Prior to Xcode 12, this would not link properly.

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