WKwebview on windows

Are classes like WKwebview available in windows?
What about protocols and generics what are the limitations of using Swift on windows?

WKWebView is only available for Darwin platforms (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, but not tvOS). Anything in AppKit or UIKit, CoreXXX, etc., for the most part, are Apple-private frameworks, and not part of open-source Swift. You can use Windows to build iOS/iPadOS applications using, for example, Mono/Xamarin, but, the applications have to run on Apple systems.

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The known limitations on Windows currently are:

  • static linking is not yet available
  • protocol conformance to a image external protocol does not work without setup under dynamic linking

Additional things that may or may not be important:

  • SPM does not support running arbitrary commands (which is useful for running foreign tools such as resgen and signtool)
  • Using an unbundled application manifest cannot be done with SPM (the file staging needs to be done manually)

If you are attempting to embed a browser instance, something like WebView2 might suit your needs: NuGet Gallery | Microsoft.Web.WebView2 1.0.2151.40

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