winSDK and cxxinterop not playing well together?


I ran into a compiler crash that didn't appear in a simple test app, but showed up when copied into our main app... eventually I deleted everything and ended up with a 2 line file that reproduces the crash - but only when cxxinterop is enabled. Any idea of how I can work around this for now?

Could you try with the 5.10 and nightly compilers? It would be useful to know if the issue has been resolved already or not. If it is still an issue, perhaps we can resolve it in time for 5.10.

The issue itself seems to be due to the object layout for PROCESSENTRY32W where potentially alignment differences between C and C++ are mismatched and it is resulting in the assertion failure in the compiler.

CC: @Alex_L @egor.zhdan

I haven't tried a pre-release build... are those available as snapshots/ containers somewhere?

There are some slightly older snapshots that are available on You can find more up-to-date releases at GitHub - thebrowsercompany/swift-build: Swift toolchain builds by The Browser Company as well.