Will Xcode evolve to include visual assistive features such as this?

While learning to code in Swift, this is one of the questions i've seen elsewhere online, and I would welcome this kind of visual aid to delineate blocks of code by their indentation/curly braces.
My perspective is that a code student without much previous experience. thanks

This question is out of scope of Swift Forums, which are dedicated to the evolution of the language itself, not to a specific IDE. If you would like this feature to be implemented in Xcode, please file a request in the Feedback Assistant.


Swift and Apple is obviously tightly connected. Swift's main use case is indeed app development for Apple platforms. And Swift's main development tool, is indeed Xcode. But even so, Xcode has "nothing" to with Swift, in the sense that the two are independently developed products.

Swift is an open source computer language and compiler. It also has some tools such as a package manager, etc. This forum is for "Swift the open source project"

In addition, Apple has a lot of closed source tools and frameworks that are related to Swift in some sense: Xcode, the iOS SDK, SwiftUI, SwiftData. Some of these have "Swift" in their name, muddying the waters. However, these are outside the scope of this forum. You need to ask Apple about their plans for Xcode.