Why is the shared instance of AVAudioSession called sharedInstance and not just shared()?


I was just playing around a bit with AVFoundation and discovered that the shared instance type of AVAudioSession is called .sharedInstance() (AVAudioSession.sharedInstance())

And I wonder, why is this? Why is it not just called .shared() (AVAudioSession.shared()) like in UIApplication.shares for example?

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That's a question for Apple's AVFoundation team. The Swift project has no control over these names.

…okay, that's an exaggeration, since the compiler handles the automated transformation from Objective-C to Swift, but any specific name issues should be taken up with Apple, not here.

Yah, despite the similarity in name to Foundation, AVFoundation is actually a different project.

I suggest filing a radar to get a better answer.

Okey, thanks a lot to both of you!!