Why do master snapshots' identifiers still start with `30`

The identifier for Swift snapshots from the master branch looks like org.swift.3020180328a.

Why is there still the 30 in front? Those two digits represent the version of Swift in all other snapshots or not? Then shouldn't it be 41 on master now that 4.1 has been released? Or maybe 50 if it designates the next version on master that has not been branched off.

Second question:

On the Swift repo (GitHub - apple/swift: The Swift Programming Language) there are badges for the current build status of the CI bots.
What do the two columns Swift and Package actually mean? What are build-bots doing for those specifically?

@mishal_shah can probably explain best. Well, except I bet the first one is a mistake.

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@mishal_shah should weigh in on the first one. For the second question, the Swift column represents the status of the incremental bots building/testing Swift. The Package column represents whether or not the job that generates the toolchain packages (which includes a lot more testing, and also includes things like lldb, etc.) is passing.

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This has been resolved, it should now say 42.