Why do imported C enums not conform to RawRepresentable?

It recently came to my attention while working on a C-interop project that, as the title of this post suggests, imported C enums do not seem to conform to RawRepresentable, though they have a rawValue element. Is there a particular reasoning behind this?

Oversight. :-( We focused on NS_ENUM and NS_OPTIONS* in the early days of Swift and didn't put much effort into how regular, unannotated C enums came in. Now we'd have to think carefully about whether that'd be a backwards-compatible change.

* You can now get the same effect without importing Foundation using __attribute__((enum_extensibility(open))) and __attribute__((flag_enum)), plus __attribute__((enum_extensibility(closed))) for NS_CLOSED_ENUM.

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Thanks for the response; that is good to know. It would definitely be a nice QoL feature if C enums conformed to RawRepresentable, provided that the change wouldn't be source-breaking, but it isn't the biggest deal in the world.

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