Why Date.ComponentsFormatStyle has no `.attributed` to format to `AttributedString` like every other `FormatStyle` like `Date.FormatStyle` or `IntegerFormatStyle`? Also it's missing `zeroFormattingBehavior` the old `DateComponentsFormatter` has

I was under the impression that all FormatStyle can be suffixed with .attributed to get the result in AttributedString. But Date.ComponentsFormatStyle doesn't have this.

Also the new Date.ComponentsFormatStyle lack the zeroFormattingBehavior to control how zero components are presented.

let ss = (Date() ..< Date(timeInterval: 12345, since: Date())).formatted(.components(style: .narrow, fields: [.year, .month, .day, .hour, .minute, .second]))  // no .attriburted

Why there is no .attributed on this FormatStyle?