Which category does UIKit fall under -- Core library?

Hi, I'm having a hard time selecting the right category for my questions in forums.

Is UIKIt a core library? If not, which category does it fall under?


I think that you may have made a subtle mistake about these forums (don’t worry - many make the same).

These forums are about the development of the Swift language itself (and some intrinsically associated libraries).

Questions about using Swift (and Apple’s frameworks such as UIKit or Swift UI) are more at home on either the Apple Developer Forums


Or Stack Overflow

Good luck!


Wow, thanks. You're exactly right. I'll use the other forum then. :slight_smile:

If you meet any problems with UIKit, which you believe belong to the Swift compiler or the Swift runtime, I think “Using Swift” in Swift Forums is the right place for you:)
Otherwise I would suggest Apple Developer Forums.

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