Where to start?

Good day.

Im sure this post pops up all the time. I did do search.

Just a layman that had a good app idea and thought I would give this a whirl.

Let me just start with saying I cant stand C or coding in general.

But I do like html and plug and play I think I can handle.

Am I way over my head here?

The goal of swift was to make it "swift" and easy for layman's to develop right?

Or do I need to go make carl the robot do flips?

Welcome Dennis!

Where to start? Definitely pops up frequently. Check out the following link for a fairly comprehensive list of resources.

Aspiring Developer

To write an app you will need to learn at least the rudiments of coding and it is surprising to see what can be created using only the rudiments.

You will decide whether you want to continue with it or not but there is always help available.

Good luck with it.

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