Where is located Swift code after parsing C/CPP file?

So I try to look on Swift code after parsing C methods but i cant find it anywhere in the project or using jump to declaration using Clion or vscode.

Where should i search for it :slight_smile: ?

I don’t believe there is any.

The compiler is able to honor C calling conventions, make some automatic data brinding, etc.

I believe Swift type metadata is synthesized for required C types and differences in type layout are taken to account. I can direct you to relevant parts of the documentation.

You should be able to find Clang .modulemap file for each C module you have. But there will be no “generated Swift interface file”.

It's weird cause like ~2/3 months ago i generate simple sndfile bindings and get .swift file with all methods and structs parsed accessed via CLion jump to definition option, but right now i cant reproduce it :smiley:

Isn’t Soundfile a Python library? :thinking:

sndfile :smiley: my fault 2much python :stuck_out_tongue:

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