Where is 4.0 documentation, and docs versioning in general

According to GitHub, Swift 4.1 is not officially released, but 4.0 is.

I can’t find 4.0’s documentation (epub and Apple website are for 4.1). How on-the-edge do you expect us to be!? :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m trying to learn Swift on Linux, but package managers haven’t caught up to the beta/whatever snapshots. I don’t want to rely on 4.1’s docs because the blog mentions changes/enhancements from 4.0 that I couldn’t rely on if I used a ‘stable’ (4.0) build.

Are some of the docs I mentioned also in source form somewhere in the Swift repos to build for local viewing?

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I can’t find 4.0’s documentation (epub or Apple website). How on-the-edge do you expect us to be!?

I don’t know if there is anything else.

On Apple’s documentation website, you can choose to show API changes. If you choose to see the diff between Xcode 9 and the latest Xcode beta, that should reflect the difference between Swift 4 and Swift 4.1. Not ideal, but it’s a start.

9.0, not 9.2, right?


Awesome. Thank you all - with the exception of the 4.0 epub (VirtualBox, I guess), it seems all the documentation is easy to obtain.

It may be good to have a note somewhere about the diff trick.

I'm running into this issue too. I'm still on Xcode 9.4 and can't switch to 10 immediately, and when looking at either a reference page or guide, it would be good to be able to switch to the version I'm using. IMO, the current show changes is not helpful when what I really want to see is what I'm using.

I just ran into this issue when trying to look up Hashable. The current docs reference the Hasher struct, but that isn't available in Swift 4.1 yet. In addition to API versioning it would be helpful if the docs highlighted recent additions more clearly (e.g. "since Swift 4.2, the Hasher struct ...").

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