What is the advantage of using opaque type?

I tried practicing using it. but I couldn't figure any use case.

Go experiment with SwiftUI, and disallow yourself from using it. This will be the best teacher.


You can see another use case in Vapor's Redis library.

In this method, we can only ever return the exact same type - a generic RedisSessionDriver using the concrete type of RedisSessionsDelegate passed into the method - so we can use the some keyword to keep all of this type information with the compiler.

This provides 2 primary benefits:

  1. This return value can be passed to generic methods that accept SessionDriver arguments
    eg. func load<Driver: SessionDriver>(_ driver: Driver)
  2. Using the return type avoid performance overhead of using it as an existential, however minor it could be. (static dispatch vs dynamic dispatch)

what i feel is hide away the real type on purpose.

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